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Breaking Free The Joy of Right-Sizing

Houses Aren’t for Everyone

Eileen Orfalea, an amazing Realtor on the Ron Sitrin Team, is an active swimmer. Her dedication to doing laps takes her to the YMCA pool every morning. During this January’s snow storm she crossed paths with Cynthia, her friend, recent client and fellow swimmer. Yes, they both swim outside regardless of weather.

Eileen and Cynthia have much in common. Eileen recently sold her large NW DC home and moved into a Bethesda luxury apartment. Cynthia, with Elieen’s help, sold her mid-century modern, Chevy Chase home and purchased one of the new condos at the Ritz.

They each loved their family homes that they lived in for decades. However, neither misses the constant upkeep, maintenance and bills. When you own a larger home, there is always a maintenance item coming down the pike. You start thinking, new roof or vacation? Since this is no longer a worry, they can spend more time and dollars on what’s most important to them, their grandkids. Now they just lock, leave, and fly off to see them.

They each have sentimental feelings and wonderful memories of their prior homes. So I asked them if they could, would they move back? No way is the answer. They are having too much fun enjoying all the benefits of right-sizing!

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