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Blending a Hike In The Real World…And ChatGPT?

We’ve all been hearing about artificial intelligence (AI) and ChatGPT lately, and last week while I was on a very analog hiking experience I got to wondering how the experience might be captured by a non-human, digital “brain”. So when I got home I decided to try ChatGPT to see what it would make of my experience. 

ChatGPT, for those who are just learning about this technology, is a process that takes small bits of input from the user and generates some impressive output. I told it about my hike, who I was with, and asked it to create a poem in the style of Amanda Gorman

 Here’s what it came back with. What do you think?

Onward we three, with feet that crave
The earthy trail, that winding wave
Aliza, Wynne and me on this hike
Just ten minutes away, our spirits alight
Turkey Run, the name of our trail
Up hills and down, we will prevail
The beauty of nature, on full display
Our muscles stretch, our breaths we catch
The air is pure, with every snatch
Of wind that blows, through trees so tall
We feel alive, and stand up tall
The crunch of leaves, beneath our boots
The rustle of branches, with bird-song flutes
All around us, the wild life hums
And with each step, our heartbeats drum
We leave behind the noise of town
And find in nature, our peace profound
A moment’s respite, from screens and strife
A chance to reconnect, with our own life
On Turkey Run, we find a journey’s worth
Of memories to cherish, on this earth
The sights, the sounds, the smells we inhale
Remind us of our own true tale
Aliza’s 26th birthday, we celebrate
As we hike and explore, this wondrous landscape
Views of the Potomac River, we behold
Small waterfalls, with stories untold
The natural world, in all its glory
Reminds us of life’s inspiring story
So let us go, and hike our way
Through mountains high, and valleys gray
For in the end, we’ll find a view
That makes us grateful, for all we do
Aliza, Wynne and Ron, on Turkey Run
Just ten minutes away, our spirits alight

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